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Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Wearing: Mustard play-suit (TOPSHOP). Grey hold-ups (M&S). Tan wedge heels (New Look).

Listening to: Friction- Led Astray

Big old apologies for my distinct lack of blogging over the last few days...weeks even. Uni started again and things have kicked off big time! So above is a play-suit from Toppers which I think would be perfect for festivals and general summer shenanigans. The shops are full of such lovely Spring and Summer clothing that this freezing weather isn't even putting me of purchasing things to store in my wardrobe ready for when the sun (finally) makes a cheeky appearance! The play-suit is actually a size 8 but it's really quite baggy. Normally I'm a 10 in TOPSHOP play-suits but this one must be generous!

I also bought a gorgeous cream and grey floral dress which I'll try and outfit post during the week when I find a spare moment or two! The blonde ombre hair is also no more! Sad times! The blonde ends have now been replaced with a copper colour. I had two separate colours put on as the first one didn't take to the damaged and dry blonde! That was a looong few hours spent at the hairdressers! It's quite dark at the moment, but after a few washes I am assured that it'll fade into hopefully a nice coppery blonde. So yeah, my ombre hair has gone and, if I'm honest, I'm a little bit sad about it!

The Warehouse Rave a few weeks ago now was such a good night as well! I wore one of my earlier outfit posts (the striped white and blue top and denim shorts) with some old ripped tights. (I knew they'd get damaged so decided to wear an old pair and make it look like I meant it that way!) Ha. In terms of the music, Redlight was amazing! Jack Beats played a great first half of their set but then just kind of faded out by the end. Then 16 bit hit up some standard dubstep which was good, but not great. In general the night was amazing though. The warehouse it was held in was by far the best venue Cardiff has to offer at the moment and it was refreshing to go to a rave at a different place to the usual haunts.

I bullied my friend into having an outfit picture taken that night as well so I'll have a little look and hopefully put it up later.

So this is just a whistle-stop post to try and fill you in on my absence. I'm going to try and blog once a week from now- I don't want to try and commit to more than that as uni is getting intense, if I have time though I will, of course, blog!

Big love, As always.

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