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Sunday, 26 February 2012


This week I've been rather proactive with outfits so I'm going to upload two outfit posts in this entry and then upload another in a few days!

Outfit One
Wearing: Black body-con dress, worn as skirt (H&M), Gold sequin top (TOPSHOP), Nude heels (Dorothy Perkins), Anklet (Accessorize), Earrings, barely seen (TOPSHOP)

Listening to: Lana Del Rey- Born To Die

Outfit Two
Wearing: Black top, Brown leather shorts (Both TOPSHOP), Leopard print flats (New Look). (Excuse the ridiculous face in this one, I was running verrry late for uni that day!)

So there we have two new outfit posts, they're practically entirely made up of Topshop as well- typical me! You can also see (I hope) that my ombre hair is fading on the bottom and developing into a nice auburn colour.
I got a letter from Arcadia customer care yesterday as well as I complained about my white jumper that burnt! (Remember?...) It was a very nice letter actually and they're sending me a refund for the jumper as well as the postage & packaging costs I had to pay to send it to their office. So that was a nice surprise to come home to. Now I have to decide whether to risk it and buy another of the same or get something else.

Yesterday was Wales v England Six Nations and, living in Cardiff, you can imagine the carnage that ensued during the match and last night! Town was completely and utterly packed and there were no taxis going in or out of the centre! Nightmare! This resulted in a 45 minute wait outside for our late taxi in outfit number one. Good job the weather has actually perked up though- the fact that is is starting to feel like spring meant that it wasn't too unbearable!

I finally bought an earring with an ear cuff attached to it. I got it from, you guessed it, Topshop! I was 'umming and ahhing' but I saw a girl wearing one in town during the week and it looked lovely so I went out on a whim and got one. Another little frivolous purchase this week was from H&M. It's a hair tie/bobble (whatever you call them) with a gold metal ring attached so basically you tie up your hair in a ponytail and then undo the clasp and pop the ring around it. It looks really nice (if a tad on the 'dominatrix' side of things). It was only £1.99 as well so can't really go wrong! I always forget how good H&M can be for accessories. Also, loving my new anklet from Accessorize! I popped home from uni for the weekend and found some gift vouchers from Christmas that I hadn't used- Jackpot!

I would write more but, if I'm honest, I'm feeling a tad fragile this morning! I'll blog again during the week.
Big love, As always.

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