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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Wearing: Grey Peplum Top (Topshop), Leopard Print Leggings (Miss Selfridge), Tan Heels (Topshop), Pearl Collar Necklace (Topshop), Lipstick (MAC St Germain).

Listening to: Wiley- Heatwave (Devolution Remix). 
I'm putting the youtube link to it here as it's such a great song- Perfect for summer!

SO!! I'm back after several months of being an utter recluse due to university finals! But they are all officially out of the way and I can now get back to concentrating on the fun things...Basically shopping and blogging! I had to put a link to the Wiley song that i'm loving at the moment! The weather might not be screaming summer just yet but this song definitely is!! 

I must admit, I am loving the outfit in today's post! I've had these leopard print leggings for a while now and I've been searching for the perfect top to wear with them and I think I've finally found it! I love how casual this peplum top is as well. It'll be so easy to wear with lots of other things and it's a great shape. It was only £16 in Topshop as well so it won't break the bank but will undoubtedly update any old outfit! I've tried to even out the peplum shape through adding the Peter Pan collar necklace. 

These shoes were a recent splurge of mine as well. I had something to return to Topshop but I didn't have the receipt any more so I decided to use the amount towards a pair of gorgeous shoes that I wouldn't ordinarily splash out on! They're surprisingly really comfy as well which is always a bonus. You might also notice that my 'trademark' dip-dye hair colour has now gone! After a fond two years together we have parted ways after a disastrous experience at the hairdressers which has put me off for life...or at least for a very long time!

Super excited to take a road trip down to Beach Break Live 2012 this weekend as well! I have so many festival outfits which have been crying out to me for months, and now I finally have a reason to wear them! Rain won't even stop me!!

Big Love. As Always.


  1. Hello :) I really like your blog, so I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Pop over to my blog for details! xx