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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

9.4.13 Selfridge's Shoe Carnival

Wearing: Jacket (New Look), Striped Crop (TOPSHOP), Joni high waist jeans (TOPSHOP), Frill socks (TOPSHOP), Black heeled boots (TOPSHOP), Earrings (New Look), Nails (TOPSHOP- courtesy of VitaminWaterUK), Lipstick (Diva- MAC)

Listening to: Jakwob- Fade

Last week the lovely people at Vitamin_WaterUK provided me with tickets to attend the launch of the Selfridge's Shoe Carnival, celebrating the launch of the largest men's shoe department in the world! Naturally I jumped at the chance to go as, if someone as iconic as Selfridge's is setting out to produce the biggest and best of anything, you know it's not going to disappoint! With designers ranging from Ralph Lauren, Prada, Hugo Boss to Tod's and beyond they have definitely achieved what they set out to accomplish!

Although by no means an expert on the subject, men's shoes have always fascinated me. I'm of the opinion that, with men, shoes are more often than not, the pinnacle of their outfit, often being regarded as that 'guilty pleasure' that many men will splurge on above all other apparel. After all, they do say you can tell a lot about a man from the shoes he wears....

As events go this one was, as expected, a delight- exactly what a launch event should be! There were many intriguing and exciting elements (circus performers, acrobats, leather flavoured candy-floss...I could go on....) with added bespoke touches such as shoe-shiners and Oliver Sweeney's 'Tattoo Your Shoe'! There was also an appearance by 'The Bumbles', a group from New York, who conduct a silent appraisal of you based purely on your shoes and appearance, which is then typed up there on the spot on their typewriters! An adult sized claw/grabber arcade game promising Selfridges prizes definitely brought out the child in a lot of people that evening as well!

Tattoo your brogues with Oliver Sweeney!

Like a kid in an arcade!

                                                     The Bumbles True Appraisals!

For me, this is what it all really comes down to, making shopping exciting again- not just a necessity or a chore. I think this is even more important for men, who often let shopping become a need and not a want....I sometimes think I could learn from this as, for me, shopping is never a need and always a want...Oh well- C'est la vie!

Big Love.
As Always.

Selfridges Shoe Carnival tickets were complimentary from Glacéau vitaminwater, who supplied soft drinks for the event. Try the new 'Sunshine' citrus and guava flavour for a much needed burst of summer even when the sun hasn't yet got his hat on!