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Thursday, 18 April 2013

18.04.13 Cath Kidston 20th Birthday Party

Wearing: White bandeau dress (Zara), Wax jacket (Barbour), Cardigan just seen (TOPSHOP), Boots (TOPSHOP).


Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Cath Kidston 20th Birthday Party blogger event at CK HQ in Notting Hill, organised in conjunction with Exposure PR. I was obviously incredibly flattered to even be invited to the event, but also a tad nervous as I'm still trying to find my feet with this blogging lark!

The evening started once I had finished work when a car arrived to collect me and distribute me to the event. Once we arrived at the office I became very aware of how necessary the car was as there was no way whatsoever I would've been able to find my way to the office from the nearest tube station by myself! My sense of direction is non-existent at the best of times!

The Cath Kidston offices are exactly how you would imagine them to be- quaint, homely and pretty much identical to how I plan to decorate my home when I can finally afford my own place!! I felt like i'd died and gone to interior design heaven.... Now, coming from Gloucestershire, I have always loved Cath Kidston- her ranges are always so quintessentially British but with a very modern and workable twist, helping to bring 'pretty' into everyone's home!

Photograph courtesy of Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston knows how to throw a birthday party, let me tell you! The order of the evening ranged from beautiful (beautifully strong) cocktails (a gin based Tom collins/Mojito combo was my poison of choice), the lovely people at 'Cuppa-Choc Spoon' helping us make our own rose or birthday cake scented candles out of typically Cath Kidston mugs and the very talented Lily Vanilli teaching (or trying to teach) us amateurs how to make roses out of icing! My roses weren't too terrible for a first attempt but they were definitely not top of the class! The other party goers on the other hand definitely knew their way around a piping bag!!

 Beautiful but lethal cocktails

Not bad for a first attempt from Charlotte @ Betty Magazine

Cath Kidston turning 20 years old this year marks a very special occassion for any business, let alone one as successful and coveted as this one! To mark this momentous achievement, Cath Kidston is releasing a gorgeous new range entitled  'Coming Up Roses'- how perfectly apt! It centres around roses (quelle surprise!)- The print itself is so refreshingly modern but, at the same time, the typical Cath Kidston we all know and adore! What interested and excited me most however, was the 'Coming up Roses' autobiography Cath herself has written and will release for sale as part and parcel of the whole range. I haven't started reading it yet but I honestly expect to learn an awful lot from it about both life, interior and the trials and tribulations of building a successful business (no pressure there, Cath! I'm counting on you!)

I had a wonderful evening last night and I feel like i've almost lived out a dream of being allowed access the heartbeat of Cath Kidston, a brand I cherish and look up to so much! I was able to meet a lot of lovely, talented bloggers as well with whom I fully intend to keep in contact with. I read something recently that said that blogging could be a very lonely job, however thanks to events like the Cath Kidston 20th Birthday Party, I couldn't disagree more!

Big Love.
As Always.

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