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Monday, 26 November 2012


Wearing: Black 3/2 Sleeve Peplum (New Look), Black and Gold Sparkly Leggings (TOPSHOP), Black Flatforms (New Look).

Listening to: Polica - Lay Your Cards Out.

Trying to get motivated to keep up regular blog posts again! It was fine when I was at uni as I had little to nothing to do most days but working a full-time job is starting to take its toll!! #wanttobeastudent

This little outfit is something I bought to wear to my work's Christmas party last week. I saw the leggings in the window of TOPSHOP on Oxford Street and immediately fell in love with them!! They are a basic black base but the gold detailing has the look and feel of those glitter pens you used to have when you were younger. They also leave a glittery, sparkly trail wherever you go- very much in the style of a modern day Hansel & Gretel! But I love them all the same! I wore distinctly higher heels than these to the party though and it is safe to say my shoes were slung over my shoulder in a very un-ladylike fashion by the time I was on the tube home afterwards! 

If you have a minute also, listen to my 'listening to' track for this post. It is utterly beautiful! 

So that's all I'm going to bore you with today as I want to start doing regular but short posts from now on and get the focus back on my outfit posts.

Big Love. As Always.

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